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We will rank you higher on Google & automate your sales process in 90 days with our PROFIT-AI SYSTEM ... or you don't pay!



  • Full website audit

  • Competitor analysis

  • Research top 25 Keywords

  • One (1) blog a week


  • Workflow set-ups

  • Email automations

  • Text Automations

  • Marketing CRM included


  • We will send you "ready-by-buy" leads after they have gone through our nurturing automations

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Does EMPIRES Digital offer any results guarantee?

YES! EMPIRES Digital is a performance based A.I. Agency. During your 90-day trial, if we don't rank your business higher on Google AND improve your sales process through automation - you get a full refund ... no questions asked!

Has EMPIRES Digital worked with any notable companies?

Over the years, our CEO | Founder Paul Pires, has worked with some of the biggest names, such as Walmart, Best Buy, Nike, Sony, Loblaws, Sobeys, Caterpillar, Magna Corp, CSA, IBM and over 1000+ other SMB's . But regardless of your business size or industry, we're here to help grow your business.

Is EMPIRES Digital completely powered by A.I.?

No, although machine learning models are moving at a tremendous pace. We believe we are a few years away from that. Marketing companies that state that they are fully powered by A.I. with zero human oversight are probably not being truthful. At EMPIRES Digital, we utilize A.I. powered systems to save our clients money, however we are a team of 30 marketing experts (and growing). We believe that human oversight to manage the services that we provide is critical to your company's reputation and ours.

How can AI be used for marketing?

Marketing is full of repetitive tasks that AI can help with. For example, simply getting a lead into a CRM from a web form involves at least two tasks, and usually more. Without any AI assistance, this would involve someone spending anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes copying and pasting information. This interrupts value-add work, and introduces the potential for human error. AI-driven processes make it happen instantly, never take days off, and transfer information perfectly every time.

How can AI help with lead generation?

AI is particularly useful in digital systems & automation workflows, multiplying the output of variants for search and social media platforms. Effectively, marketing AI allows humans to “cover more ground” more rapidly. It’s a force multiplier, increasing bites at the lead gen apple.

How can AI help with sales?

AI tools play into sales in a number of ways. Generative AI is ideally suited for customer and prospect outreach. Prospecting emails, for example, are largely rote; ChatGPT can easily generate near-send-ready content with just a few details. This can turn a 10-minute task into a 5-minute task, doubling the amount of touchpoints possible in a given day.

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